Customer Assistance Programs

Our mission is to provide access to clean, safe water to all customers of North Park Water. If you’re having problems paying your water bill, we have programs that may help you. We have several different programs depending on each customers situation. You can now start the process of applying to our programs online, however, there may be additional documentation required for various programs. Please call our offices at 815-633-5461 to identify which program(s) you may qualify for.

Who should apply?

Anyone having trouble paying their water bill should apply for help. Assistance programs are designed to help North Park Water customers who are:
  • Low income
  • Seniors
  • Having a special hardship that makes it difficult to pay their water bills
  • Special hardship

    You are eligible for the special hardship program if you have experienced any of the following circumstances in the past 12 months:
  • Job loss: Main income-earner was out of work for four months, and was on unemployment
  • Serious illness: Customer or family member has a life-threatening condition, or is receiving in-home care
  • Family loss: Household’s primary income-earner passed away
  • Domestic violence: Customer spent time in a shelter because of domestic violence

  • Even if you are not experiencing one of the hardships listed above, we decide claims on a case-by-case basis and may still be able to help. Report your specific situation when filling out the application.

    Types of assistance

    We have several different types of assistance programs based on the severity of each case.

  • Payment arrangements Payment arrangements allow you to extend the due date of your bill. The arrangement will guarantee that your water services will not be cutoff as long as the arrangement terms are met. If you would like to make an arrangement, please call 815-633-5461 and someone will be able to assist you in signing up. If you have an arrangement in place, but do not feel that you will be able to meet the arrangement, please call our offices. The best thing you can do is keep in contact with us.

  • Past-due management The Past-due Management option allows customers to pay the current balance as it becomes due, while addressing the past-due balance based on specific terms. This will keep the customers balance "current" so that no further penalties or cutoffs will be assessed.

  • Hardship The hardship program is a more extensive look into the customers financial situation. The program is facilitated through Rockford Human Services. This particular option requires proof of income as well as other additional documentation, as requested by Rockford Human Services.