Hydrant Meter Rental

How-To Rent a Hydrant Meter

Below is a step-by-step process for renting a hydrant meter

Contact our Office & Submit Rental Agreement

Contact our Office at 815-633-5461. There is a Hydrant Rental Agreement to be completed and a photo ID (of the primary renter) is required. The approval process may take up to 1-2 business days to complete and is subject to the availability of a hydrant meter.

If approved, North Park Water will notify the applicant that the application has been accepted and assign a hydrant meter for pickup.

Provide Deposit and Schedule Pickup

Pay the appropriate deposit for the meter and schedule a time for pickup of the meter.
  • 3/4-inch meter: $299 deposit
    • 3-inch meter: $865 deposit

During and After Rental

Below is a step-by-step process for use and return of the hydrant meter

Comply with Requirements

The Customer is responsible for supplying their own hose, and for complying with all Air Gap and Backflow Prevention Requirements when connecting to the public water supply - see Standard Detail for air gaps and backflow prevention requirements below.

The hydrant meter is only permitted to be used at the locations noted in the permit (will be one of three locations - Park 90, 1350 Turret Drive, or Loves Truck Stop on Rockton Rd.-see map for details). Identification of meter usage on hydrants other than those noted on the permit will result in fines. Additionally, failure to comply with this requirement may result in rejection of any future hydrant meter permits.

Monthly Service and Usage Fees

The Customer is required to contact North Park Water with monthly meter readings and for payment of the monthly billing statements. (815-633-5461)

Monthly service fees and usage will be billed each month during the rental period. Failure to pay may result in the removal of the hydrant and termination of the agreement.

Return Equipment

Customer must return all meter equipment no later than 30 days before the Hydrant Agreement expires.

Damage to Equipment

Any damage to the meter or its components MUST be reported to North Park Water immediately and returned for inspection and/or replacement. Any misuse of the device, intentional damage to the metering components, any other action that results in damage to the meter, or obtaining water without use of the meter will result in fines & fees as provided in our Rules & Regulations.