Source Water Protection

North Park Water extracts nearly 3.5 million gallons of water per day from the shallow aquifer that lies beneath our grounds surface. In the Rock River region, there are three major sources of groundwater available for Public Water Supplies: sand and gravel, shallow carbonate bedrock (Galena-Platteville), and the deeper sandstone bedrock (Cambrian-Ordovician). North Park Water currently is in the sand and gravel aquifer. The sand and gravel aquifer is shallow and productive but susceptible to contamination and is only present within the Rock River valley. Considering the susceptibility of this aquifer, it's very important as a community to protect our groundwater source.

Protecting these sources from pollution and contamination is the smart thing to do because it helps the environment where we live and actually helps save money too! The cleaner the source water, the less energy and fewer treatments are needed to treat the water before it gets to you.

Everything that happens on the ground eventually makes its way to our waterways - animal waste, fertilizer, trash, oil, yard clippings, and more. Here are some ways you can help protect our drinking water sources: