Our Vision: Our vision is to manage our organization and water resources in a fiscally responsible manner, meet evolving regulatory requirements, and provide reliable water supply that meets customer expectations both now and in the future.
We are committed to providing safe, reliable, high quality water and services to all our customers; and dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and fiscal responsibility in every aspect of our operations.
Each day, we carry the important responsibility of providing a continuous flow of clean, dependable drinking water to our community. Our service area, which is home to more than 35,500 people throughout the District, relies on our commitment to these values day in and day out. The complexity of operating a water utility is no small feat, and that starts at the hands of our hardworking employees.

North Park Water operates within the framework of Effective Utility Management (EUM). Established by the American Water Works Association, and developed by numerous other water, wastewater, and public works associations. The EUM system has 10 attributes that indicate a well-run system; those attributes are: product quality, customer satisfaction, employee and leadership development, operational optimization, financial viability, infrastructure strategy and performance, enterprise resiliency, community sustainability, water resource sustainability, and stakeholder understanding and support. In order to strategize the implementation and successful achievement of these 10 attributes, a strategic plan is of the utmost importance.

With the assistance of the Board of Trustees, division managers, and executive staff, we have been able to take an informed look at everything from how we can improve our current processes, the improvement of our system's infrastructure and assets, and the overall affordability measures of our rates.

Proper planning is the foundation for any successful operation. Through our efforts of creating and successfully implementing this strategic plan, we proudly stand on the promise of delivering high-quality water and dependable service that exceeds customer expectations; protecting and ensuring a long-term water supply for future generations; and serving as responsible stewards of public health, District resources, and the environment.