Meter Replacement Program

As part of the District's ongoing commitment to providing its customers with safe, reliable and cost-efficient water services, the Water Meter Replacement Program routinely replaces older water meters that have outlived their useful life. This program helps increase the efficiency of the water meter reading process and ensure accurate billing for our customers.


Customers with eligible meters will receive notification that their meter needs replacement. Work will occur throughout the District based on when meters meet eligibility criteria for replacement.


Water meters are identified as due for maintenance/replacement as part of this program when they have reached a certain age and/or are of a certain model. The water meter replacement is provided at no additional cost. Access to water meters is authorized by Ordinance 56-04, Section 14.


A North Park Public Water District Technician will complete the water meter replacements. The Technician will arrive in a marked vehicle.

Because your water meter is located inside your home - usually in the basement, utility room or crawl space - you must schedule an appointment with us for your meter replacement. Please contact us at (815) 633-5461 to schedule an appointment, or use the scheduling application below.

Water meter replacements are typically scheduled during weekday business hours. If these times do not work with your schedule, please call us at the above number to make alternate arrangements.

Your water meter replacement will take approximately 30 minutes to one hour to complete. Water service will be turned off during that time and will be restored once the new meter is installed. To assist in these efforts, please make sure that your water meter is easily accessible to the installer and that the individual present in your home during the appointment is at least 18 years old.