New (Individual) Service Connections

Prior to Construction

Below is a step-by-step process for all the required information prior to construction of the water service:


Fill Out the Water Service Application & Professional Services Agreement

Fill out the top portion of the “New Water Service Application” (there are separate applications for residential or commercial connections) and send back to NPPWD along with plumbing plans (if commercial connection) – this will get you in touch with our Operations Department. You can either email the documents to [email protected], or you can drop them off to our office.

Depending on the development, additional Professional Service Fees may be assessed for plan review, construction observation, modeling, etc. Additional details will be supplied once you are in touch with the Operations Department. Please see the Professional Services Agreement Link.

Connection Fees are Calculated

Based on fixture counts we will identify the size of the service line as well as the appropriate meter size. We will let you know the total of the fees required to connect to North Park Public Water District using the information provided on the water service application. Please make sure the phone number and address listed on the application are accurate.

Connection Fees are Paid

At the time the fees are paid you will:
a. Receive a “New Service Permit” – we will need the information of the licensed plumber installing the service. To identify if the plumbers license is valid, please check with the Illinois Department of Public Health (link to IDPH Plumber License Verification Database ).
b. Receive an account number – we will need the address where the water bills should be sent to.