Apartment & Commercial Light +

Includes, but not limited to apartment/multiple unit residential, office, non-manufacturing, home business, retail, federal, state, local government, schools, churches and wholesale customers including modular home parks *+
0-20,000 gallons$0.00667 per gallon
20,001-40,000 gallons$0.00348 per gallon
40,001+ gallons$0.00264 per gallon

Commercial - Heavy +

Any commercial customer with a monthly average consumption of 100,000 gallons or more *+
0-20,000 gallons $0.00827 per gallon
20,001-40,000 gallons $0.00436 per gallons
40,001+ gallon $0.00330 per gallon

Government / Non-Profit +

Includes, but not limited to federal, state, local government, schools and churches +
0-20,000 gallons$0.00667 per gallon
20,001-40,000 gallons$0.00348 per gallon
40,001+ gallons$0.00264 per gallon
* When more than one dwelling unit, distinct premises and/or commercial establishment are served by one water meter, an additional fee of $5.40 is charged per month per additional unit, distinct premises and/or commercial hotel/motel/sleeping room served.

+ Subject to monthly meter charge and base charge

In addition, all service locations will be charged $1.90 per month for water infrastructure changes and improvements. If more than one dwelling unit exists within an establishment, there will be an additional $1.90 per month for each additional dwelling unit.

Monthly Meter Replacement Charges

3/4 inch meter$2.82
1 inch meter$3.27
1-1/2 inch meter$11.41
2 inch meter$13.94
3 inch meter$35.70
4 inch meter$45.28
6 inch meter$76.50

Monthly Commercial Base Charges

3/4 inch meter$19.21
1 inch meter$29.97
1-1/2 inch meter$36.21
2 inch meter$40.34
3 inch meter$44.67
4 inch meter$76.85
6 inch meter$87.41
8 inch meter$112.37

Monthly Government Base Charges

3/4 inch meter$9.61
1 inch meter$14.99
1-1/2 inch meter$18.11
2 inch meter$20.17
3 inch meter$22.34
4 inch meter$38.43
6 inch meter$43.71
8 inch meter$56.19

Additional Fees

Service Charges Labor: $75.00

Frost Plate: $75.00

Payment History Report (per account): $5.00

Returned Check: $25.00 per occurrence

Penalty on delinquent bills (22 days after bill date): 10% of total bill

A delinquent customer who is shut off for nonpayment must pay the appropriate service charge (see service charges for labor). Restoration of service will occur from 12PM – 4PM if the request is received during business hours and 4PM – 7PM if the call is received after hours. If service restoration is requested after 7PM, the restoration will occur the following day after 7AM.

Repair services required to meters/equipment for other than the ordinary cost of keeping meters and equipment in repair may be subject to charges and replacement costs.