New Connection Fee

Single family residential service*$2,500
Commercial service (1 inch)$3,000
Commercial service (over 1 inch)Time & Material

A water service line up to 75 feet is installed to the nearest private property line and includes installation of a curb box and meter. The size of a meter is determined by the district. Service line distances greater than 75 feet will be subject to additional time and material charges. If the ground frost depth is greater than 12 inches, time and material charges will also apply for all service installations. The connection fee does not include surface restoration costs to utility easements or right-way area.

System Development Charge

Single family residential lot and condominium unit*$1,400
For each building service of less than 2 inch$2,500+
For each 2-3 inch building service$3,000+
For each 4 inch building service$3,500+
For each 6 inch building service$6,000+
For each 8 inch building service$7,500+
For each 10 inch building service$9,000+

* The connection and system development fees are not charged to homeowners if paid by the developer of a residential subdivision or condominium complex.
+ Additional charge of $500 for each apartment unit, distinct premises or motel/hotel room.

New Service Permits

New Service Permit Deposit : $350.00 each
Shall be assessed for all new water service installations to ensure the integrity of the water service line during the construction process. Once landscaping is complete and final inspection is passed, the District shall refund this deposit in its entirety, unless additional cost has been incurred by the District to address any deficiencies*.

*Note: It is the District’s intent to have all new service installations completed and approved within six months of the substantial completion of the building. In the event the permitee fails to pass final inspection within this given time, the District reserves the right to make any and all corrections and retain this deposit.

Permit Fee : $150.00 each
The fee shall be payable upon issuance of the required Water Connection Permit and shall cover the initial installation inspection of the service connection. All connections shall remain open for inspection.


New residential customers are required to purchase the following meter if a developer or builder paid the new connection fee.

3/4" Meter W/ERT$306.50

Businesses must purchase one of the following meters. The size is determined by the district.

1" Meter W/ERT$337.00-$357.00
1 1/2" Meter & ERT$1,288.50
2" Meter & ERT$1,376.00

The cost of larger meters to be provided upon request. Call (815) 633-5461.